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In Sweden, grocer responds to restaurant ‘foodstagrams’ with home cooking instructions

"While some restaurant owners see smartphones as detrimental to the dining experience, other venues such as the Comodo in New York have embraced the technology, encouraging diners to help create a visual menu of its dishes on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is proving useful once again as the Ask CT Food campaign is enabling restaurant customers to photograph their meal in order to receive a recipe to recreate it at home."

Full article at Yahoo.

Swedish company teaches Asian cooking using Instagram

"Ask CT Food is a service aimed at people who might love eating Asian cuisine, but who haven't a clue about what's actually in it. CT Food specilaises in east and southeast Asian food supplies in Sweden, and its Instagram account -- @AskCTFood -- has a team of specialists ready on hand to answer any questions about Asian food that are sent their way."

Read the article at Wired.


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